Hailing from the cityscapes of California's Bay Area, Rap & Hip Hop Recording Artist, Manny Mane, began hitting the ground running in the Music Industry last year in 2016, and so far has formed an insatiable buzz on the street and growing fan base. 

Mane so far is known for his unique persona along with a dynamic and versatile style, 
and debuted his first single, "Take Off", which quickly garnered the Rapper positive reception as well as critical acclaim. Shortly after, he quickly followed up with his most current single, "Don't Stop", which also reached street praise like its predecessor.


Mane is currently working feverishly in the studio to bring his fans an insatiable collection of tracks. His upcoming mixtape, appropriately titled "For Your Ears", is slated for release this year in 2017. He is also going to be keeping his career active with a full schedule comprised of New Singles, Videos, and even some Business ventures to expand his own horizons and really put a charismatic niche into the industry.

Manny Mane, also known for his many years behind the mixing board as a Producer and DJ, is bound and determined to solidify his signature sound, and bring an elite brand of Hip Hop to avid listeners everywhere. With his development & manifestation as an artist quickly on the rise, Manny Mane will soon be a very familiar name with insatiable recognition. Be sure to follow and connect with him on all of his Social Media platforms, as well as check out his current releases on Music Streaming sites online.